Affiliate Accounting Policy

The Affiliate expressly agrees and acknowledges that the terms and conditions contained in this Accounting Policy are incorporated within’s (the “Company’s”)  Affiliate Agreement. If at any time you do not agree with any part of this Accounting Policy, you agree that your sole remedy is to cease any further use of the Company’s Affiliate Agreement.

Payment Method

All Commissions will be paid via the Affiliate’s PayPal Account. Therefore when signing up, the Affiliate should use the email address that is associated with this account to ensure that they are promptly paid.

Calculation of Commissions

At present the commission is 50% less PayPal fees, for example:

Product Price = $8.00  PayPal Fees = $0.73 Net Deposit to the Company = $7.27

Commission paid to the Affiliate = $3.64 (commission is rounded to the nearest cent)

All transactions will be based on the U.S. dollar.


A purchase is “charged back” when a customer disputes a charge through their bank or credit provider, usually because the customer claims that the purchase was unfunded, unauthorized or fraudulent. In the event of a chargeback no Commissions will be paid since the transaction no longer exists.

Affiliate Link

The Affiliate (if any) associated with any sale is determined by an automated Affiliate Link system. Any decision made by this system is final and not subject to petition or appeal. Though we believe our tracking system to be more fair and accurate than any alternative, we make no representation regarding the ability of the system to track any specific customer, for any specific length of time.


Affiliates are allowed to refer themselves. This allows an affiliate to earn a commission on a transaction that involves the affiliate as a user.

This policy is subject to change upon giving the Affiliate 30 days notice.

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